Sunday, April 22, 2012

Captain's Holiday

And my life is about to get even crazier than it already is at the moment! The Wizard of Oz opens up in a week and we are in the final stages of getting the show ready for the public. The downside is late rehearsals this week and a very busy weekend ahead but the upside is that we will have a few days off before the next weekend’s shows. The other upside is that once the show is over I will have a social life again and I can’t wait for that to happen. This weekend was a fun social opportunity, we took my friend Andrea out for her Bachelorette party and we ate at my favorite restaurant in Minneapolis,,, Chino Latinos. The food is so delicious and the drinks are incredible and it has this really fun atmosphere. If you have never been you really should get there at some point. Once again I’ve been absent a few days due to rehearsals and just being beat ass tired… there are bags under my eyes and I do not like that, but I did make it out for a run on Friday afternoon. Who knew I’d ever actually enjoy running? I’m still not sure if I do like it but I really enjoy it when it how I feel when the run is over.

Elliptical- 408calories and 2.5miles

Captain’s Holiday
Picard and Troi have just returned from a grueling two week treaty negotiations and Troi seems fine but Picard is tired and crabby! Pretty soon Troi, Riker and Dr. Crusher team up to get the man to take a vacation and relax. He is finally convinced to go and vacation on Risa, a planet that is devoted to being a peaceful place of relaxation for anyone in the galaxy. Before Picard gets there two mysterious aliens beam down to the planet looking for Picard and decide to wait because for some reason they know he is on his way there. Upon arrival Picard has a run in with a mysterious woman who is trying to avoid a Ferengi and he chalks it up to a random encounter. He continues to try to relax but is more and more frustrated, mainly because he just can’t find a good way to relax. Picard is then confronted by the mysterious aliens who are looking to find a mythical device from the future that was sent back in time. Picard agrees to help them but keeps that a secret. Picard once again meets the woman, Vash, and she is looking for the mythical device so Picard agrees to help her out in her search. They foil the Ferengi’s plan to steal the device and go to a cave to find the device but they don’t locate it and once again the Ferengi shows up to take the device, being a less than intelligent Ferengi he is tricked. Picard figures out the Vash has already found the device and he gets it from her and destroys it before the Aliens or the Ferengi can take the device. Picard and Vash have developed a romantic connection with each other and there is a hint that she will show up again in the future.

Finally Picard gets to be the romantic lead and not the comic gag because someone is romantically attracted to him. The show introduces Vash who shows up again in the fourth season and in an episode of Deep Space Nine, she continues to be a romantic foil for Picard. She is a bad girl without rules to his prim and proper ship captain’s personality. The show also features Max Grodenchik as the Ferengi Sovak, he later goes on to play Rom on Deep Space Nine for seven seasons. He plays a good Ferengi I must admit. 

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