Saturday, February 4, 2012

Loud As A Whisper

PRIME RIB… I gorged myself at lunch in honor of my Dad’s birthday and it was a wonderful meal at Rockwoods in Otsego, MN. Then it was off to check out Elliptical machine’s at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Why on Earth would you name a national chain of stores Dick’s? Makes me laugh every time I go there in the same immature way that I laugh every time I eat at Dickey’s the barbeque place. I am going to be purchasing an elliptical machine in the next few weeks depending on the amount of money I get back for taxes so here’s hoping for a boat load!
Treadmill- 200 calories and 1.8miles
Loud As A Whisper
The Enterprise is given the job of transporting a negotiator to a planet to negotiate a peace settlement for two factions who have been fighting for centuries. The negotiator turns out to be deaf and he communicates through the use of a human chorus who aids him in communication. He develops a connection with Counselor Troi whom he understands because she is an empath. Upon beam down the aliens don’t look to happy and one even kills the negotiators chorus leaving him without the possibility of communication. Data quickly learns sign language through the use of the computer and he and Troi attempt to get him to communicate and go back to the planet to negotiate. Through an impassioned plea Troi and Data convince the negotiator to go back to the planet but this time things will be different. This time he decides to teach the different factions to communicate through sign language giving them all a common ground to move forward from.
This episode is great human story that is simply set in a science fiction context. I really enjoyed this episode and the use of sign and other communication sciences though I’d like to think we would be able to cure deafness and have other options for communication in the 24th century.

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  1. You've been loud as a whisper in more ways than one here. What's up?