Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Schizoid Man

So I have thought long and hard what the topic of my first post back to this whole deal and suddenly today it presented itself to me out of the blue… BALLS! I was driving home today and was stuck behind a very large 1 ton truck with dualies and to top it off a set of rubber balls hanging from the hitch. The particular truck in question also had a 69 sticker, a “Git R Done” sticker, and some oddly sexual license plate. As I drove past the man he was wearing the ideal white trash outfit and seriously going to town on large juicy burger… YIKES.  But the real issue I have is this.. Why The Hell Would You Hang A Fake Set of Testicles Of The Back End Of Your Truck?????? Now I have seen balls on trucks before that are smaller and equal sized but not this crazy hick, his truck had absolutely ENOURMOUS balls and one was even hanging lower than the other. Seriously dude really, after seeing them it made me want to cut them off of his truck and/or take a sharpie and draw some serious ball hair on the things. UGH it was so gross. I then began to wonder too what is the female equivalent? I can’t see women hanging a big ole VaJayJay from their cars. So then the question is WTF guys?
In other news the show is going well and we have three performances left this weekend… THANK GOD!
Workout: Elliptical 1.59 miles and 290 calories (all in 20 minutes)
It is amazing how much better of a workout the elliptical is than a treadmill!!!
The Schizoid Man
The Enterprise is summoned to a distress call from a planet where the only population is a semi-crazy old scientist and his young female assistant. A landing crew of Troi, Data and a random Vulcan doctor beam down to spend a few days while the Enterprise takes care of another mission. The scientist is a genius who helped Dr. Soongh , Data’s creator, to develop his technology. The Doctor is working on closing the link between humanity and technology. The Doctor dies and upon return to the Enterprise Data begins acting strangely. The crew figures out quickly that the doctor placed his consciousness into Data because Data has been acting very strangely. The doctor decides to leave Data after a series of accidents and all is returned to normal.  

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