Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Arsenal Of Freedom

Thursday and rehearsal was cancelled because like half of the cast is sick.. ugh. I did get to finally watch this week’s episode of Glee YES/NO. I really like the episode that is until Finn proposed to Rachel which I think sends a bad message to teens that getting married younger is an okay thing. I did like however that we didn’t hear if Rachel said yes or no. Now I am not married and I am not getting close to getting married but I know way to many people who met when they were 16 and got married and it didn’t end well. People need to become who they are before they become a “WE”. Now all that being said I know people who got married young and it did work out just fine.
Today’s Workout: 265 calories and 2.05miles
The Arsenal Of Freedom
The Enterprise is investigating planet that a federation starship disappeared at some time ago. Upon entering orbit the crew is greeted by a prerecorded message from the planet’s former inhabitants a group of people who sold weapons to planets at war with each other. Upon beam down the landing party is attacked and all hell breaks loose. Data, Yar, and Riker fend of constant attack. Picard and Crusher fall into an underground room and must keep each other alive as best they can.  And during all of this the Enterprise is being attacked by the same system that is active on the planet. The ship is forced to leave orbit separate from the saucer and go back to attack and hopefully rescue the landing party. Of course all works out in the end and we get to learn a little bit about Crusher and LaForge in particular.

The episode really is no masterpiece but puts the characters in situations necessary for them to reveal background information and to move the characterizations forward. The special effects in this episode are atrocious at the very least but at the same time they are way better than anything that was done in the 60’s.

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