Monday, January 2, 2012

Angel One

Well all good things as they say! Today is the last day of winter break and tomorrow begins the second “half” of the school year. It has been a good few days off and I’ve gotten a lot accomplished around the house and for work. I also managed to have quite a bit of fun which is the point of a break. Today I went grocery shopping and then out to lunch at the Pizza Ranch in Elk River. The food was surprisingly good and fun but the only down side was all the little kids at the restaurant.. oh well.

Today’s Workout: 275 calories and 2.50 miles

Angel One
The Enterprise is investigating the disappearance of a freighter ship and the primary search place is a planet called Angel One. Before beaming down Troi briefs the crew about the planet’s customs and laws. The big difference from Earth is that here the women are in charge and the men are treated as objects and play things. The team beams down and the leaders of Angel One seem to be unsure of the Enterprise but relent to letting them search for the men who have become outlaws on the planet. Meanwhile on the Enterprise a mysterious Virus has become a plague on board and by the end of the episode infects most of the crew, with the exception of Dr. Crusher who finds a cure just in time.  On the planet the missing freighter crew are found but they don’t want to leave as they have found wives and are living as equals among the women in their makeshift village. The outlaws are found by the Angel One government as one of the wives is a member of the government herself. They are all sentenced to death and it is up to Riker to convince the leader of the Angel One government not to kill them, he is of course successful. The outlaws are not killed but they are exiled to a remote section of the planet.

The early episodes of Star Trek: TNG seem to have a fascination with SEX which must be a reflection of the time it was made in the late 1980’s after the sexual revolution of the 70’s??? IDK. Does anyone know if this is a correct assumption on my behalf? 

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