Saturday, January 7, 2012

Too Short A Season

Ya know a day can start of wonderful and great and then in one small moment everything can change. First off I just want to say that No nothing is drastically wrong. The issue of the day is that your’s truly was supposed to have a date this evening but got  a text an hour prior to the date cancelling  for the evening. A word to the wise to all inclined to ask me on a date, If you make plans on a Tuesday it is more socially acceptable to cancel just about any time more than 24 hours prior to the date. Now by following this rule of thumb texting an hour before is considered “poor form”. I even went out and bought new shoes for this fricking event. Now I really did need new shoes this was just a good excuse for getting them today. The other major upset is that we were going to go to a Thai place for dinner and I was really looking forward to it! I haven’t had Thai in ages and the craving has struck. Oh well all is well in the world and worse things could happen.
Today’s Workout: 255 calories and 1.95 miles
Too Short A Season
A crisis has broken out on a Federation planet and the embassy workers have been taken hostage by the locals. The governor of the planet, Karnas, has requested that Admiral Jameson come to perform the negotiations. The Admiral is for lack of a better word ancient and suffers from an incurable disease. Upon boarding the ship with his wife Jameson begins acting strangely and he seems to be making a miraculous recovery. Soon he is walking about and starting to look younger. He reveals that he has taken some type of alien anti-aging therapy to improve his health for this mission. Apparently he has had a history with Karnas and helped negotiate a dispute on the planet 40 years earlier. Jameson, we learn falsified his reports 40 years earlier of his negotiations with Karnas. On paper it says that he negotiated and all things were great. The truth is that he agreed to give Karnas federation weapons to help his case but he secretly gave equal weapons to the opposing force on the planet, an act that plunged the planet into civil war for 40 years. In the end Jameson and Karnas confront each other but soon Jameson dies due to the alien therapy’s effects. Karnas surrenders to the Federation. The Enterprise then heads off to the next mission.
Not a great episode but not a horrible episode.. I guess.  Also the Admiral's costumes in the first season were god awful!!!

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