Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The first day back to school after break has come and gone and I’m still here… YEAH!!! Thank god it is a four day week though because I’m already exhausted and ready for a long nights sleep. Today I kicked a kid out of my yearbook meeting… which is a first in three years. I felt bad about a little bit but I simply won’t tolerate student’s talking disparagingly about other students in the school especially when they students being talked about are some of the sweetest kids who just happen to have special education services.  I have to play the strict Mr. Olson card tomorrow morning and I’m not really used to doing that because it doesn’t need to happen often but oh well. Should be a fun start to tomorrow!
Workout: Treadmill 280 calories and 2.4miles
The Enterprise is heading into space dock to have some minor repairs and improvements made by a group of Starfleet engineers. The lead engineers are a curious group of little aliens called Bynars. The Bynars always travel in two and their planet’s life is based on the binary system of units comprised of zeros and ones. The Bynars seem to be acting very suspiciously but the crew ignores it because they are so different. Riker and Picard end up in the hollodeck hitting on a sultry woman in a fake jazz club. She is Riker’s ideal woman, named Minuet and she keeps the two men occupied in the hollodeck. While Riker and Picard are busy the rest of the ship is alerted to a fake emergency and everyone evacuates the ship. We learn soon that they Bynars have hijacked the Enterprise to bring it to their world. Their sole purpose was to download their world’s computer into the Enterprise’s database and the restart their home world’s computer which has nearly been destroyed due to a super nova. The ship returns to starbase and the Bynars willingly go to jail for their crime.

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