Sunday, January 8, 2012

When The Bough Breaks

So today was really a waste of a day. I didn’t do a whole lot and really I’m okay with that for the most part. I finished my impromptu Absolutely Fabulous marathon that I have been having all week at my house. I have loved this show as long as I can remember and continue to love it. It makes me wish I were British and friends with Eddy and Patsy. I even found the second new episode streaming online. The new episodes aren’t great but they are enjoyable at the very least.
Today’s workout: Treadmill and I forgot to write down my numbers.. whoops
When The Bough Breaks
The Enterprise has found a planet that has long been considered a myth, a so called Atlantis of outer space. Upon making contact with the Enterprise the inhabitants make a probe and a beam down some of the crew for talks. It is revealed that the people on the planet can no longer have children and are facing extinction. Soon after the landing part is returned and suddenly the children are abducted and brought to the planet. The inhabitants don’t seem to understand that the Enterprise crew are attached to their children and want them back. They make it clear that the children will not be returned under any circumstance. Through a series of negotiations nothing happens and the aliens show their strength by shooting the Enterprise 3 days away. On the way back Dr. Crusher discovers that the aliens are dying of radiation poisoning. Meanwhile back on the planet Wesley unites the children into a passive hunger and activity strike.  Upon returning the Enterprise crew beams down and takes over the computer and the children are returned. It is revealed that the ozone layer of the planet is gone and caused health problems.

Much as many of the episodes in the Original Series are related to war, racial tensions, and social class issues the episodes of The Next Generation are at times just as politically based. This episode is on current environmental episodes and future episodes discuss drugs, women’s rights, and again technology vs. mankind.

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