Monday, January 9, 2012

Home Soil

Clue:The Musical rehearsals are well under way and things are going fairly well. We have a fine cast from what I can see and things are going to be just peachy.. I hope. As with any show there is onstage Drama and backstage dram but I’m sure it will all be ok. I’m proud of myself for getting home after a 16 hour day and worked out.. yeah me.
Treadmill: 260calories and 2.9 miles
Home Soil
The Enterprise is checking in on a group of planet terraformers on a remote Federation planet. The group is attempting to turn a lifeless planet into a planet that can support life. Picard immediately thinks something is odd with the planet’s crew but thinks little of it at first because terraformers are known to be a little odd and quirky. Upon beaming down to look around the Enterprise crew is amazed with the work and are truly exploring what is happening until one of the miners is killed by a drilling laser that has gone haywire. Upon investigating Geordi and Data find a mysterious blinking light in the mine shaft and beam it aboard the Enterprise. Dr. Crusher and Data are now charged with the task of determining if this inorganic object is a life form or not. The object is soon discovered to be a lifeform as it splits into two different lights and soon attempts to communicate with the crew of the Enterprise. Soon the Enterprise is in danger of being destroyed by the lifeform who has declared war upon the Enterprise and the crew of terraformers for attempting to kill its entire kind. The lights apparently live in a thin layer of highly salty water just below the surface of the sand on the planet. Data has the ingenious idea of turning off the lights and immediately the life form agrees to end the war if they Enterprise will return it home.
Yet another environmentalist story from the late 80’s transposed into the 24th century. Here we have an update of Devil in the Dark from the original series too in many ways. We also have a guest staring turn from Walter Goetll who is most famous from playing General Gogol in the James Bond movies from 1977 to 1987. Fun to see him here!

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