Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Neutral Zone

Tuesday is here and Tuesday is gone, almost. Today was really like any other day to be honest and that is okay with me. Some major drama shit went down at rehearsals but I’m making a decision not to complain about the play anymore because it does no good. I’ll just say this I was so frustrated when it was over that I came home and worked out again. So there will be two posts today.
Treadmill: 355 calories and 3.05 miles
The Neutral Zone
The Enterprise has been ordered to go to the neutral zone to see what has destroyed two Federation outposts. Starfleet suspects the Romulans have returned after a nearly 7 decade absence from the dealings of the alpha quadrant. Along the way the ship encounters a sleeper pod and Data makes the decision to bring the bodies on board and Dr. Crusher re-animates them. The passengers are dealing with the shock of waking up 400 years later but are also then being royal pains in the butt to the entire crew. Some of them are more annoying than others. Eventually we see the Romulans and they warn Picard and crew that they have returned on the scene and that everyone should “look out”.
Season one ends on an ominous note with the return of a familiar enemy warning of future attacks. Looking back I am at times shocked that the show got a second season but I’m glad it did because things really started turning around in the second and then third seasons of the show.

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