Monday, January 16, 2012

Heart Of Glory

The drama with the play is getting better but I’m still not feeling as into it as I would like to be but the love of the show is growing so all will be good. I’ve had a great long weekend and got to have some fun at home and get some work done. Today I had a really fun lunch and shopping trip with my mom! Still at the age of 29 I love spending time with my Mommy.
Treadmill: 260 calories and 1.85 miles
Heart of Glory
The Enterprise is investigating a battle that took place just across the Romulan neutral zone. Upon entering the neutral zone the Enterprise discovers a severely damaged space ship. The crew beams over to investigate and they take the opportunity to use a visual link between Geordi’s visor and the ships viewer. This allows for a large amount of emotional dialogue and wonder between Geordi and Captain Picard, which essentially is pointless other than it giving insight into the emotional lives of the characters. On board the away team discovers three Klingons, one who is near death. They beam over to the Enterprise just before the ship explodes. The Klingons are obviously hiding something as to the nature of their being onboard an alien freight ship. The Klingons take a shining to Worf obviously and make several attempts to saw Worf to their side and help them join in a revolution to bring the warrior lifestyle back to the Klingon Empire. These Klingons apparently feel that the peace alliance with the Federation is killing the Klingon way of life. A Klingon battle cruiser intercepts the Enterprise and demands the two remaining klingons so that they can be executed. Worf pleads for their lives but to no avail. The Klingons mount an escape from the brig and in the process one is shot. The leader fleas the engineering and threatens to destroy the ship if he is not given the battle bridge to wage war across the galaxy. Worf attempts to talk it through with him but in the end the Klingon attempts to fire and Worf shoots him. Worf is torn the whole time between his duty to Starfleet and his desire to be with his people.

This episode marks the first appearance of the Klingons in The Next Generation, other than Worf that is. In this episode we learn that Worf was adopted by humans after his parents were killed in a Romulan raid of Khitomer. It is really nice to begin to see more about Worf and it points out a major difference between the Original Series and the Next Generation. This difference is the character development. In TNG the characters were given the opportunity to grow and change and we learn more about their past. In the Original Series we didn’t learn much about the characters throughout the series, the only characters we learned more about were the three main characters. In TNG all characters are given much more rich back stories.

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