Friday, December 30, 2011


COACH Motherfucker!!!!!! LOL sorry for swearing y’all. I went out to lunch and shopping with a friend today and was persuaded into buying a coach wallet and it is fabulous looking. Now I will be the first to admit that it didn’t take a lot of persuading and the wallet was 60%off the purchase price. This wallet is the answer to my 1/3 life crisis Instead of couch I went for COACH!
Treadmill and Pilates today for the workout!
The Enterprise is taking a detour to investigate the planet where Data was discovered only to find it has been ravaged by some unknown force. While investigating, Data and Riker discover a room containing a disassembled android that looks very similar to Data. The android is brought on board and reassembeled and we learn that its name is Lore and he was built before Data by a Dr. Soongh. Lore originally lies to the ship’s crew and says he was built second and is more perfect. Lore immediately starts to act in a sinister manor and is up to no good. Lore reveals that a gigantic Crystaline Entity destroyed the planet and that Lore himself is working with the Entity. Lore demobilizes Data and takes his place and no one seems to notice this except for Wesley Crusher. The problem is that no one believes Wes because he is a kid. Eventually Wes is kicked off the bridge and he convinces Dr. Crusher to examine the immobilized “Lore” who is of course Data. Now Wes, Crusher and Data work to interrupt Lore and deactivate him before the Crystaline Entity destroys the ship.
This show plays on the oldest of old soap opera tricks, The Evil Twin. One would think this would seem stupid and pathetic in the Star Trek world and guess what…. I kind of is lame. Lore comes back later as a villain but we don’t see or hear much of him for a while.  

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