Saturday, December 10, 2011

Code of Honor

This week has been so busy I haven’t worked out since Monday… YIKES. Sometimes that happens I guess and I can’t freak out that. I am still doing ok with the weight loss so that is fine. Today I am going out with my friends to celebrate my birthday. My actual birthday is tomorrow but it is not proper for a person over the age of 21 to go out on a Sunday night. At least that is my opinion, perhaps I’m boring or a prude but that is that. Other than the big birthday festivities nothing exciting is happening in my world.
Treadmill: 260 calories and 2.1 miles
Weigh-in: 228lbs
Code of Honor
The Enterprise is making an emergency stop at a remote federation planet to pick up a much needed vaccine that is only found on this planet. The inhabitants of this planet are a people who are nearly obsessed with rules and specific rules of their family/personal honor. The Inhabitants are all dark skinned and dressed similarly to high class modern day African tribal people. They are immediately impressed with the ship and particularly Lt. Yar who they cannot believe is the security chief. Upon leaving the ship the leader, Lutan, kidnaps Yar and brings her to the planet. Troi and Riker inform Picard that this somehow is related to an ancient honor code tradition in which you steal something from a superior group and then give it back when they politely ask for it. Lutan is about to give Yar back but says he has grown fond of her and wants to keep her for his wife. This pisses of his current first wife who challenges Yar into a fight to the death for Lutan. Meanwhile Crusher and the Enterprise crew are getting more and more anxious about the plague planet that needs the vaccine. As the fight is about to happen Picard, Troi and Data formulate a plan to save Yar. During the fight Yar ends up winning but immediately beams up with the other woman to have Crusher save her life. The Enterprise gets the vaccine and Lutan is embarrassed because his wife lived thus giving her lands to another man and making Lutan her “second”.
The episode appears only slightly racist,, okay maybe slightly is an understatement. They reference Native American customs with the kidnapping and then the people are all Black and dressed in quite peculiar clothes and act maybe a little less than reasonable. No good 1987,, ,no good!

BTW: This set looks like it was from a bad Fonda workout tape!

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