Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Today I honestly I have nothing to report as of yet as I write this blog post. I have to go to work today from 4-7 which isn’t too bad really but it is the pain in the butt of going to work for only three hours when I could just as well be at home and doing some work. The excitement of the day is that I am going to make Steak Fajitas for dinner when I get home J  yeah!!! The other excitement is that I’ve maintained a weight of 224 for the week.
Today’s Workout: Treadmill
The Enterprise is off to a planet called Haven to enjoy some well earned rest and relaxation. While in orbit a mysterious box is transported up which provides a message to Counselor Troi that her betrothed husband will be coming aboard to get married. Troi does not seem too happy about the arrangement but feels obligated to go along with the whole thing to honor her parents. Upon meeting her intended she senses that he is not truly committed to the arrangement either. We also meet Troi’s mother Lwaxanna who is a brassy middle-aged woman who is in Troi’s own words “eccentric”. Meanwhile a ship is discovered heading towards the planet Haven. The ship is filled with a group of aliens from a planet thought to be extinct. The aliens are suffering from a long standing illness which they created during a war centuries ago. It is clear the Troi’s intended husband Wyatt is fascinated with these aliens and wants to cure them. In a bold move he wishes everyone goodbye and secretly beams over to the alien ship. Now he has what he wants and Troi gets to stay aboard the Enterprise.
I feel truly sorry for Marina Sirtis. The costumes they had that poor woman wear during the first season are just horrible, not to mention her hair and make-up. YIKES.

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