Monday, December 12, 2011

The Last Outpost

It is official… I’m 29 y’all. I am now in a mad dash until Winter break which is 8 school days away from now. Between now and then there are multiple holiday parties, gatherings, IEP’s and Evals to attend to. YIKES

Today’s Workout: Treadmill 290 Calories and 2.1miles

The Last Outpost
The Enterprise is in pursuit of a Ferengi ship that has stolen a piece of federation technology. At this point in time the Federation knows very little about the Ferengi so there is a lot of excitement about the first contact with a new alien group. The two ships meet at a strange uninhabited planet and immediately the Ferengi attack the Enterprise. Picard and crew think they have been disabled and make contact with the Ferengi to remedy the situation and apparently the Ferengi think the Enterprise has sabotaged their ship. Both ships are powerless in orbit of the planet and agree to work together to solve their mutual problem. The Ferengi though take every opportunity to mess with the Enterprise crew and even capture the landing party at one point. While the crew is dealing with drama on the surface the crew on the Enterprise are dealing with the effects of a massive power loss, which has taken out the life support system. The ship is getting dangerously low on oxygen and heat. The landing party and the Ferengi encounter a force from an extinct empire that challenges them to a challenge, which Riker outsmarts. The Ferengi continue trying to undermine Riker and crew but the alien sees through it all and sides with the Federation members. The planet is apparently a last outpost from the empire that was destroyed 600,000 years earlier. Everyone parts in peace on the surface and the Enterprise is restored to power before everyone dies.

This is our first encounter with the Ferengi and they change quite after this episode. The are originally a shrewd race of warriors and traders but they eventually morph into a group of short, orange profit minded clowns. The Ferengi become more of a nuisance as opposed to a threat to intergalactic peace. 

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