Sunday, December 25, 2011


Merry Christmas Y’all!!! Today was a fun filled day of Christmas and tons of food with my Dad’s side of the family. One house in St. Paul with over 20 people laughing, eating and opening presents. There really is nothing to report on the day, I am excited the holiday season has come to an end and that life can get back to a sense of normality for a little while.
Today’s Workout- Treadmill, but I forgot to write down the stats… whoops!
The Enterprise is exploring a newly charted planet that appears to be a veritable Eden that appears similar to Earth. The inhabitants are simple people who all appear to be Blond, Tan and Attractive, though slightly stupid. The residents are more interested in fun and sex and less interested in explaining the rules of their planet to the Enterprise crew attempting to use the planet for shore leave. While playing with other teenagers from the planet Wesley Crusher accidentally trips over a white fence and falls into a batch of seedling plants, this of course breaks a rule. The only catch is that the punishment for any violation of the rules is…Death. The Landing Party and Enterprise crew are now faced with how to save Wesley without totally breaking the Prime Directive. Meanwhile on the Enterprise a mysterious ships has appeared but it is not totally solid in this universe. The ship informs the Enterprise it is to leave and not interfere with its “Children” and threatens to exert its powers to protect the inhabitants of the planet. Picard decides to rescue Wesley and ignore the prime directive in this case. All appears to work out in the end and the planet is marked to be left alone for the time being.
Not a bad episode but I can’t believe they got away with the costumes of the alien planet’s inhabitants. I have seen more fabric on a thong for god’s sake. Another thing I am noticing is that they are using Wesley Crusher a lot in the first episodes for a plot device or to add drama. Thank god this changes eventually and he becomes more adult and is given a more equal share in the scripts.

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