Monday, December 26, 2011

The Battle

Ladies and Gentlemen of the blog I have a massive decision to make in my life. Buy a new sofa that will look grownup and utterly cute in my new TV room or Option 2, Go on a vacation and keep my futon. The argument for the couch is that I want something new and the one I have found is pretty cute and really would complete the room transformation project. The arguments against the couch are that I want to go on a vacation really bad and two the futon is still functional and doesn’t really NEED to be replaced. UGH I hate making these decisions. The possible trip may be for a weekend to Disney.. so which is better a lifetime with a couch or a weekend in Disney World?
Treadmill: 275 calories and 2.0miles
The Battle
The Enterprise has rendezvoused with a Ferengi ship for an unknown purpose and the crew is starting to get just a little anxious about the whole situation. Picard is not feeling well and has a headache which apparently is rare in the 24th century and everyone is concerned about the whole matter. The Ferengi inform Picard that they have a gift for him, his old abandoned ship the Stargazer which was abandoned and presumed destroyed 9 years ago. 9 years prior the Stargazer had encountered an unknown vessel and was forced to destroy it but in turn it was nearly destroyed itself. Picard continues to suffer from headaches and begins to see visions of his crew from the battle with the Ferengi aboard the Stargazer. The Ferengi Damon, we learn, is using some type of device to influence Picard’s thoughts and provide pain. Eventually the Ferengi Damon lures Picard onto the bridge of the Stargazer and forces him to reenact the battle but this time against the Enterprise. The Damon is seeking revenge for the death of his son who was on board the Ferengi ship that Picard destroyed. The Enterprise crew figure the situation out in the nick of time to get Picard of the Stargazer bridge and return things to normal.
Again the Ferengi are being used as a villain species at this point in the series and are intended to be a real threat. Starting in later seasons the Ferengi are used as nuisances and comic relief which is a much better role for these little orange guys with big ears.

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