Monday, December 19, 2011

Where No One Has Gone Before

We so much has happened since the last pos that I can’t even begin to put it all into words so I’m not going to try. The short list of it is this. I had a great time at the staff party with my coworkers. I had a good time out on Saturday with friends and getting a few errands completed. Family Christmas was going well on Sunday until I got some type of cold/flu. I slept through most of family Christmas and then slept all night and stayed home from work today and I’m finally feeling a bit better. I HATE being sick and always find it odd that even as a grown man when I'm sick I still just want my Mommy to come over and make everything better.
So this workout happened Saturday but I haven’t had time to write it up since.
Where No One Has Gone Before
The Enterprise is set to pick up a Starfleet engineer and his assistant who will be reworking the ships engines to improve their output. The crew is not really excited for the visit because they don’t see it as necessary for their brand new ship. The engineer and his assistant don’t make the best first impression but eventually are allowed to perform their work on the engines. In the process the ship is accidentally transported over 200,000 lightyears away from the Federation. The problem now becomes getting back which of course the two engineers say won’t be a problem. In the return flight something goes wrong and the Enterprise finds itself in an uncharted part of space that looks incredibly odd. The assistant is revealed to be the cause of the engine increase and the sudden change in location. The Traveler has formed a bond with young Wesley Crusher and while on his near death bed reveals to Picard that Wesley is some kind of Engineering savant with the likes of geniuses such as Mozart. The Traveler returns the ship to Federation space and all is well, except for the fact that the Traveler has vanished. In the end Wesley is made an “acting ensign” aboard the ship and is given a duty schedule with the expectation of applying to Starfleet Academy in the near future.

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