Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hide and Q

Today was devoted to making progress on the school yearbook, which takes a considerable amount of time to put together for a 76 page book. YIKES. The best part of the day though was going to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie with a friend. I love these movies because they are entertaining as hell but I also enjoy how they keep you guessing throughout the whole movie. The way the smallest of details are incorporated to make major changes in the plot line. I would have to say though that my favorite part of the movie is the witty banter between Watson and Holmes that always has just a little bit more than a gay undercurrent to it. Makes me laugh every time!
Today’s Workout- 275calories and 2.15miles

Hide and Q
While on its way to help out in a rescue mission on a mining colony the Enterprise is interrupted by a visit from Q. Q once again is being a meddlesome ass but this time he has turned his affections towards Commander Riker. He transports the entire bridge crew with the exception of Picard to some strange planet to “play a game”. The crew finds themselves about to do battle with an army of Q’s creation. In a moment of danger Q tells Riker that he has been given the gifts of the Q. Riker does not believe him at first but eventually decides to use the power and rescue the crew. Riker agrees not to use the new found powers but his mind changes after he decides not to save the life of a young girl on the mining colony. Riker begins to become more interested in his powers and at the same time becomes a big ole arrogant ass. In the end the crew helps to convince Riker that he does not need the powers and he of course does not accept them. Q is told he must hold is promise to leave mankind alone from now on but of course we know he won’t.

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