Friday, December 2, 2011

The Practical Joker & Albatross

Today I just wanted to take a nap and now that I’m home I haven’t taken the nap yet but I fully intend to go to bed soon after this blog is posted. I need my beauty sleep tonight because tomorrow I am getting my license photo and passport photo taken at the photographer or as I call it the DMV. Today the oddest thing happened and I honestly didn’t know how to react. I was working with a student today on the TH sound and the word MYTH came up and he said the word correctly and I just asked him if he knew the meaning of the word. He said he did and then said the following: “… Just like some people think Santa Claus is myth but he isn’t, Santa is real!” (at this point he jumped up and down for joy). How do you respond to that??? A typical 6th grader has figured out the santa claus thing a long time ago but this young man is anything but typical,, but he is a joy to spend time with each week. I simply nodded and said OOH,, yep. This time of year always makes me a little more interested in different people’s traditions especially Christmas traditions. So be sure to keep in touch because there will be more to come.
Treadmill: 270calories and 2.10miles
Weigh-In: 230 (bad kid.. up 2 for the first time… I will be hitting the treadmill harder from now on out).
The Practical Joker
The Enterprise is surveying an asteroid field when they are suddenly attacked by three romulan ships. They are pursued and enter a mysterious space cloud, after making it out of the cloud alive strange things start happening. The computers begin to do things on their own and the crew falls victim to several practical jokes which become more and more serious as time progresses. The best one being when Kirk’s shirt has the phrase “Kirk is a Jerk” printed on the back. The crew outwits the computer and all is miraculously solved when they go back through the mysterious cloud.

I have no clue why this episode is titled albatross! The Enterprise is completing a routine mission on a distant federation planet when the people of the planet announce that Dr. McCoy is under arrest. He has been charged with causing a massive plague that nearly took out an entire planet’s population. McCoy is put in jail and the Enterprise attempts to prove his innocence. The Enterprise travels to the plague planet and on the way passes through a mysterious cloud. On the plague world they find a survivor who can testify in favor of McCoy and they soon begin their journey back to save his life. The crew begins to come down with the plague and McCoy must be recovered to solve the situation. It turns out that the plague is caused by the mysterious cloud in space. The people are given a cure and McCoy is set free.  

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  1. If I remember right, the albatross is a symbol of death.