Saturday, December 3, 2011

How Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth & The Counter-Clock Incident

The Minnesota DMV drives me bonkers folks and that is all I can say about it. They keep the most ridiculous hours that are impossible for people to get there during the week and of course they are closed on Saturdays. UGH. Oh well I will get there this week and all will be fine. I spent most of the day at my sister’s house helping her and my parents build a shed for the horses at her house. The day went well until it started to snow and then things got a little tricky and slippery but it went up for the most part. I also bought 2 new winter coats today… which sounds bad but they were on sale for 50% off so it is all good.
Today’s Workout: 175 calories and 1.5 miles
How Sharper Than A Serpent’s Tooth
The Enterprise encounters a mysterious ship that is shaped much like a dragon and attacks them for no apparent reason. The Native American helmsman, who shows up for this episode out of pure plot device need, recognizes the dragon as an ancient Aztec god. Several crew members are beamed aboard and are shown several scenes of the cultures that he has impacted over the centuries. The alien ‘god’ wants to take over the crew of the Enterprise but Kirk and crew outsmart him and get to go about their way again.

The Counter-Clock Incident
While transporting Commodore Robert April, The former commander of the Enterprise, to his home on Babel the Enterprise encounters a ship traveling into a Super Nova. The ship accidentally pulls Enterprise in and they find themselves into a strange backwards universe. The Enterprise crew find themselves to start regressing in age and soon are a ship full of teenagers and children except for Commodore April. The commodore works with the inhabitants of the backwards universe and eventually returns them to normal time and everyone returns to their correct age.

The animated series has ended and I’m happy and sad to see it over. The show was visually interesting and the stories were okay but the show definitely was a stretch to watch. The show is often considered to be not part of the true ‘canon’ of events and characters and I just don’t get why. It was produced by Roddenberry himself and starred most of the original cast. To me it is part of the cannon and you can’t tell me otherwise.

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