Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Big Goodbye

Is it Thursday? Is it Friday? Is it Wednesday? IDK, do you know why? Well the answer is because I have not been at work all week and have lost track of the days. Once again most of today was spent working on the yearbook and watching Harry Potter movies. I also got lunch with my mother which was fun to spend time with her and do a little shopping. I have come to the conclusion that I am going through some type of 1/3 life crisis. First I wanted a new car but opted not to get one, second I wanted to buy a couch and now I have opted not to buy that either. For the last few months I have been craving a change of some sort but I don’t know what that change would be? I guess I just need to be content with life as it is and quit wishing for some change in the future. IDK again.
Treadmill: 250 calories and 1.50 miles
The Big Goodbye
The Enterprise is set to make contact with a strange group of insect-like aliens and everyone is on edge most of all Picard. While he is stressing Troi suggests he try spending some quality time in the hollodeck. He of course takes her advice and has a wonderful five minute experience and then invites Crusher and a historian to join him. Crusher is obviously upset because she clearly has feelings for Picard and wanted to spend the alone time with him. Moments later Picard, the historian and Data enter the hollodeck and begin acting out the story of 1940’s detective Dixon Hill in a mystery thriller. Crusher later joins the group in the story. During this time the strange aliens probe the Enterprise and cause a malfunction to the hollodeck. Now all bets are off on the hollodeck and a fake bullet can kill as it does to the ship’s historian. The Enterprise crew works tirelessly to fix the transporter as Picard and crew try not to get killed by a bunch of gangster hoodlums. In the end it all comes out ok with the aliens and the hollodeck is repaired for future use. No one seems to care that a crew member has died but that is life in the world of Star Trek.
What a fun little episode from the first season, possibly the best of the lot. It is fun to see familiar faces in 1940’s get up and trying to assimilate into the culture of the time.

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  1. Wow. Same thing happened to me when I turned 29. I felt the need to shake things up, change things around, and start living my way! You don't have to be content with life as is, ask yourself what you really want and then figure out a way to do it! You're awesome Paul, now go get what you want!