Monday, December 5, 2011

The Naked Now

Today I learned something awesome and discovered a goal I need to work towards. I got to work this morning and decided to check my messages to see if I had any calls, and I did. Here comes the goal area… the message was over a week and a half old, woops. I guess I need to check my messages more frequently. In this email world it is hard to remember to check those archaic phones sitting around..LOL. The good news was that the message was from an SLP at another school in Minnesota and she was calling about a student I used to work with a few years ago. She had called just to tell me that the report I had written was one of the best she had ever seen and just wanted to call and inform me of that tidbit. It is wonderful to hear when other professionals approve of your work!
Treadmill: 280 calories and 2.10miles
The Naked Now
This episode is not a sequel but more of a reimagining of the Original Series episode Naked Time. The crew of the Enterprise is set to rendezvous with a Starfleet science ship observing a Super Nova but they begin to hear strange transmissions from the ship. By the time they get to the ship everyone on board is dead and the ship is floating paralyzed in space. While on board La Forge picks up something which he brings back with him to the Enterprise despite the decontamination processes that are in place. Slowly but surely the disease is spread through most of the Enterprise crew through touch. Yar gets the hots for everyone but eventually ends up seducing Data who we learn is “fully functional” if you know what I mean. Troi admits she still loves Riker but the passes out in sick bay. Wesley ends up taking over engineering and in turn the rest of the ship which proves problematic in the end. Data even ends up getting infected by the mysterious ailment. Riker remembers a detail from a story from long ago and the crew learns that the same thing happened nearly 100 years ago on the Enterprise under the command of James T. Kirk. Dr. Crusher begins to make the antidote but learns that it doesn’t work, she frantically begins working on a new cure but gets infected herself. Once infected she informs Picard that she has the hots for him and he in turn reveals the same for her. At this time the star goes nova and is about to blow up the ship if they can’t get away in time. Data, Riker and the chief engineer work rapidly to restore control of the ship and get out on time, which they do in the nick of time. The illness is cured and the Enterprise is off to the next adventure.

I find the casting of this crew to be odd. For the first season there is no set chief engineer of the ship, for a character that was so pivotal and key in the Original Series not to have one here seems stupid. Eventually LaForge will become the chief engineer. Also strange is that Worf doesn’t really seem to have a set job so far this season. He is on the bridge and sits at a variety of stations but doesn’t seem to belong anywhere. When Tasha Yar leaves later on during season one Worf fills the chief of security slot very well.

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