Monday, November 19, 2012

Past Prologue

I am in total denial that Thanksgiving is this week! I cannot believe it to be honest it seems like just yesterday was Halloween but time flies I guess when your family is in crisis. I just got back from Atlanta (and boy are my arms tired) and it was a wonderful convention and learning experience. Yeah!

Elliptical Machine: Calories- 581, Miles- 3.23
Weigh-In: 197

Past Prologue
Our good Dr. Bashir is minding his own business enjoying some tea on the promenade when he is made with a surprise visit from Garak. Garak has the dubious title of the only Cardassian left on board the station after the occupation ended. Garak assures Bashir that he is only a simple and honest tailor but of course Bashir doesn’t quite believe him and nor does anyone else on the station. Shortly after a Bajoran ship is picked up on emergency channels because it is being pursued by a Cardassian warship. The pilot of the ship is beamed onto the station and asks for the political asylum. The man is Tahna Los, a Bajoran freedom fighter and member of the Kohn-Ma. The Kohn-Ma is one of the most violent resistence groups that is still fighting the Cardassians and other Bajorans under the anthem “Bajor for Bajorans.” Kira tries to get Sisko to grant asylum to Tahna but he is unsure but eventually agrees to the deal. Soon after the Duras sisters show their faces around DS9 and surprise surprise they are making contact with Tahna about a business deal. Odo uses his powers of shapeshifting to spy on the two and learn that they are hoping to trade a weapon for some latinum which they need to rebuild their military forces. The Duras sisters also stop by Garak’s shop to see if the Cardassians want Tahna after they get their gold. Garak has been clever and of course enlisted Bashir to listen in on the conversation. Now the rest of the senior staff knows exactly what the plan is, only Kira needs convincing of what is the right thing to do. She is torn between betraying Tahna and betraying her government. She makes the correct choice and in the end she betrays Tahna and he is eventually handed over and his plot to destroy the wormhole is foiled. Kira and Sisko end the show with a little more of an understanding for each other. 

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