Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I spent maybe 12 hours at work today and It was very productive and wonderful and all that jazz. I want to make an official plug here for The New Normal! I watched the show tonight and it was great and whoever the little girl on the show is she is wonderful. She did maybe one of the best Cher impressions I have ever seen, even better than Jack Macfarland on Will & Grace! I love the show so everyone needs to start watching it asap!

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 595, Miles: 3.53

Dax and Bashir are having a quaint lunch when Dax decides to go to her quarter for some relaxation time. On her way she is attacked by three strangers who later reveal that they are there to bring her back to Klaesron IV where Dax is wanted for murder. They attempt to kidnap Dax and somehow get through every security screen but the crew outwits them and tractor beams the ship back to the station. Dax is accused of murdering a Klaesronian legend, the war hero Tandro who united the people during a civil war. Sisko gets the Bajoran government involved and the extradition is put on hold and a hearing is arranged to determine Dax’s status. Meanwhile Odo is sent to Klaesron IV to investigate. The investigation is underway and both sides have good arguments. Sisko argues that the Dax who is implicated in this murder (Curzon Dax) is dead and cannot be accused of this crime. The young Tandro believes that symbiont Dax is the primary being and therefore the host body is a superfluous feature.  The arguments seem to be at a standstill and even Dax refuses to say anything to help herself as she is holding some secret for Tandro’s widow. The standstill seems to continue until Odo shows up with Tandro’s widow who drops the bomb that the night Curzon Dax allegedly sent the transmission that killed Tandro he was in bed with her. Neither of them wanted to ruin the legacy of the war hero and even though the truth is out the reputations were not ruined! Dax is allowed to live and she makes a promise to the widow to live her life to the fullest from this moment forward.

The episode features a wonderful supporting cast including Fionnula Flanagan as Tandro’s widow and Anne Haney as the judge, both of whom made multiple appearances on different series of Star Trek. The show manages to be an exciting courtroom drama which is always a hard task to accomplish. 

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