Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Preemptive Strike

Well it looks like Obama has won the presidency and I am very happy that we are on the side of forward movement and equality in this country. The opposition did not seem to be a big fan of minorities and women and well that is not what this country was based upon. It was based upon equal rights for all and all means ALL! I am still waiting nervously for the final vote on the marriage amendment issue here in Minnesota. I am hopeful that the population of Minnesota is  about moving forward and respecting  the rights of all of its citizens. I am also keeping an eye on the 6th district house race because well I HATE MICHELE BACHMAN! She is an embarrassment to this state and to the country as a whole.

Speaking of voting I had the privilege of helping my dad get his vote into the county office. He is still in the hospital but voting has been his main concern since about Sunday.  He is an inspiration and I was touched when he made a big deal about having to vote no.

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 610, Miles: 3.83

Preemptive Strike
Ro Laren is back on board the Enterprise after she was away at a special Starfleet tactical training program for two years. She is of course as always uneasy about being in Starfleet but she seems hopeful. Picard confronts Ro with an assignment that she has been handpicked to complete. Starfleet command wants her to infiltrate a group of Maquis fighters in the new demilitarized zone. Ro infiltrates a group who recently attacked a Cardassian vessel and publicly took responsibility for. Ro gets involved with this specific Maquis cell and makes a good impression quickly. She is then given a mission to get medical supplies and she intends to steal them from the Enterprise, which of course she pulls off very easily. After this coupe she makes a rendezvous with Picard and he informs her that she must bate them to attack so that the Enterprise can eliminate the Maquis fighters. Ro is reluctant but of course agrees to take on this new assignment that is until a few Cardassians sneak into the Maquis cell and start shooting people. An old man with whom Ro has become close with is shot and killed and Ro clearly now doesn’t know where her loyalty lies. She meets Picard and tries to get the mission cancelled but he refuses to let her cancel it reminding her what will happen if she messes things up. The Maquis go ahead with an attack on a few transport ships but Ro alerts them to the presence of a Federation fleet. The show ends with Ro joining the Maquis and Picard feeling let down. 

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