Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Man Alone

I firmly believe that Thai food was sent to this planet by aliens! It is just that good and that soothing that it cannot be of this world. Of course if you subscribe to the findings of certain cheesy science fiction films, well Alien vs. Predator, it probably was created by a race of superior alien beings. While on the subject I pretty much believe that there are aliens walking amongst us in some fashion or another. This universe is far too big for there to be just us and for us humans to be the smartest thing on the block. Not to down talk the human race but I’m pretty sure we are the trailer trash of the universe, I mean just look at nascar, honey boo boo, and televangelists. I am thinking of making Thai food a bi-weekly tradition if not weekly. I may just have to make it a goal to eat my way through the entire menu at the local Thai place in Rogers.

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 534, Miles: 3.85

A Man Alone
While having a peaceful conversation at Quark’s, Quark and Odo oversee the O’Briens having a little argument. Apparently she is not too happy about his transfer to the station as there is nothing for her to on board and it is not the ideal place for raising a family. Soon after Odo notices a man at Quarks whom he wants out of there immediately but Sisko breaks up a fight between Odo and the man. Odo reveals him to be Ibudan a former black market dealer who made money of the plight of his fellow Bajorans. Odo put him in jail a few years ago but the new government has released him. Shortly after Ibudan is found dead in a holosuite at Quarks and it appears that no one entered the room after it was sealed. This places Odo as one of the only possible murders. As the investigation moves forward the Bajorans on the station begin to become more vocal against Odo and he is relieved from duty temporarily. Bashir finds some interesting organic samples on Ibudan’s ship and begins to grow them in stasis. Things on the promenade become more hostile and a mob begins to stalk Odo and they trap him in his office. Bashir interrupts the scene and informs Sisko that Ibudan killed his own clone to frame Odo for murder, apparently in revenge for the past events. Odo apprehends the real Ibudan on board his ship and all is settled. Also while all of this is going on Keiko O’Brien has determined she will open a school and Jake Sisko and Nog (Quark’s nephew) will be a few of the first students.  

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