Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I have gotten my haircut… finally! And I decided to do something a little more bold than usual. I got a faux hawk style cut that I can either do spiked up or lay flat to the side or even slick back were I inclined to do so. I blame this desire for a new hairstyle on the fact that the 30th birthday is looming in the near future. But oh well I have made the new decision not to care about my birthday because as I am always reminded it is just a number. What matters most is that I feel young and I’m happy with where I am at in my life.

Elliptical Machine- Calories:607, Miles: 3.83

There are tech issues galore aboard Deep Space Nine and O’Brien is running himself ragged trying to fix everything for everyone. While he is fixing a food replicator a mysterious device activates without his knowledge. Shortly after the Chief starts talking nonsense and so do several other crewmembers and civilians. The station is now on a red alert to find a cure for this disease. Bashir labels this as an aphasia virus, a virus that impacts the semantic pathways of the brain. The virus is discovered to be a food born virus that is found in the replicators. This shouldn’t be a problem but it seems that Quark has hijacked a few of the replicators and fed hundreds of people on the station. The virus is now discovered to have mutated into an airborne pathogen and Bashir estimates that they have 12 hours before people start dying. Bashir also determines that this virus was created by the Bajorans and set as a bobby trap to affect the Cardassians. Kira now struggles to find the creator of the virus but only manages to locate a man who assisted in the creation of the virus. She leaves the station to kidnap him and force him to help the station. Odo and Sisko are left in opps to run the station, and they face a challenge of an angry ship captain attempting to break quarunteen. Sisko is affected by the virus and Quark comes to Odo’s aid to fix the situation with the ship. Kira returns with the scientist and he finds a cure for the aphasia virus and the station gets back to normal.

Wow talk about Star Trek hitting a bit close to home what with my dad recently having a stroke and having mild aphasia symptoms. So if you are reading this please take a few minutes and go to

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