Sunday, November 11, 2012

All Good Things...

Sometimes life is good, sometimes life is shitty and then sometimes if you are really lucky life gets shittier! This would be one of those weeks where we went from shit to shitty to shittier, to maybe the shittiest week of the year. On Halloween night my dad suffered what was in hindsight a mild stroke and he spent a week in the hospital came home and was doing very well. After a few days he became sick and was hard to wake up and then we took him back in for some help. He had a massive hemorrhage on his brain and so he had emergency brain surgery to evacuate the blood.  My family and I have spent the last few days at the hospital supporting him in his recovery. Like I said SHIT! But it looks like things are getting better.

An event of this nature truly makes me thankful for what I have and makes remember how precious everything thing in my life is to me, especially my father, mother, sister and the rest of my family and friends. It makes me thankful for modern medicine. It also reminds me just how good of a decision it was to start the process of becoming a healthier person. After watching 12 seasons of Star Trek I have lost nearly 80 pounds and my blood levels and general health stats have improved significantly. I have moved from a size 40 pants to a 32/33 pants and from a 2XL shirt to a M/L shirt size now.

Weigh-in: 196 pounds

I am going to preface this by saying this one thing. This is a terrific episode and it is extremely complicated to explain and based on my shitty week here my explanation is going to suck and it may just be a little on the short side. Please forgive me readers!

All Good Things…
Picard interrupts a date between Worf and Troi complaining of an odd experience of moving through time.  Picard shifts throughout the first part of the episode from the present day, 30 years into the future and the past. The past is specifically the days and minutes before the Farpoint mission. Picard has visions of angry people who are taunting him. In each timeline to there is also a Starfleet issue going on in the Devron system. While shifting from place to place Picard begins to wonder if Q is involved especially because of the events surrounding the Farpoint mission.  Halfway through the show Q reveals that he is once again testing humanity and specifically Picard because his actions are causing the end of humanity as a whole. Picard works through each timeframe to get to the Devron system where he finds an explosion of ‘anti-time’ and works with different crews in each place to figure it out. He eventually corrects the problem and humanity is saved. Q informs him that once again humanity has passed his little test. The show ends with Picard joining the rest of the senior staff for a poker game in Riker’s quarters, as he has never done over the past seven years.

This is a fantastic episode of Star Trek TNG and it is a real shame that this was not the script for the first movie instead of the shit storm called Star Trek Generations that we got a mere 5 months later. But oh well what can you do. 

Here is a fun look at the cast over the years: 

Season 1: 1987-1988

 Season 2: 1988-1989

Season 3: 1989-1990

Season 4: 1990-1991

Season 5: 1991-1992

Season 6: 1992-1993

Season 7: 1993-1994

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