Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I do believe that a five year old called me a faggot today! Now it was not in those exact words but the message was very clear. In talking with my neighbor in the street a kid came and said, “hey that kid calls you Mr. Fancy Pants!” To which the other kids says something to likes of “my parents call you Fancy Pants”. I think the kid is simply repeating what his parents say and apparently one of my neighbors has a problem with me. I hardly talk to anyone in my development so of course this is based upon seeing me and not knowing me. Hooray for stereotyping and homophobia. The suburbs and really northern ring suburbs are a scary place for us gay men out here. I think it takes a special kind of gay man or woman to live out here and deal with the tolerance and change minds. As much as I would like to think the incident this afternoon was that I need to move and soon.  I will stick it out for now and maybe change a few minds. For the time being though I am feeling spicy and may just live up to my new sobriquet by wearing my bright red pants tomorrow.

I would like to take this time to say a big ole SHAME ON YOU to the small-minded parents in our world who teach hate to their children. You truly do not deserve the children you have been blessed with if you cannot teach them love and respect for all people.

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 617, Miles: 3.83

Worf is planning for a major milestone in his young son Alexander’s life. He is about to reach the age ascension where he begins the journey of becoming a man and a warrior. Alexander must participate in these rituals if he wants to become a warrior, the only problem is that Alexander does not want to be a warrior. While on a break for a few days Picard suggests that the ship divert to a Klingon outpost where Alexander can observe some of the Klingon heritage and energize him to become a warrior. While on the planet three Klingons try to murder Worf, but a man named K’mtar who is the chief advisor to the house of Mogh saves him. Mogh explains that he is there to help Worf and to solve the mystery of the attempted murder. He believes that is an attempt from the Duras family to gain more power in the Klingon empire. The investigation leads them to Quark on DS9 who dealt with the Duras sisters earlier that year and he leads them to a mining operation. On the mining planet they are then lead to a freighter making a mining deal. They of course locate the sisters but when shown the weapon they are confused because it contains a sister from Lursa’s baby, who is yet to be born.  Worf then goes to talk to K’mtar who is holding a gun up to Alexander about to kill him. When Worf attacks him K’mtar reveals that he really is Alexander come back in time to try to set something right that went wrong. In the future Alexander becomes a diplomat and watches his father die because he doesn’t know how to engage in combat. Worf then makes the decision to let Alexander follow whatever path he wants in his life. 

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