Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Pegasus

I have made the choice not to watch the presidential debate today because I really know who I am voting for and that opinion won’t really be changed. Another reason being that the debates simply piss me off royally and I don’t need that stress in my life right now! The third reason is of course that I will hear all about it tomorrow at lunch anyways so why bother. Call me a bad citizen if you will but I will still be voting so that is all that matters that and that I have formed my own opinion on this election unlike some other people who simply do what the mass majority is doing or whatever their parents are voting. I am very excited for the second week in November because that will signal the end of all of these ridiculous political videos and what is simply trash talking without a lot of reliable backing information. It is times like this that I think the world needs Star Trek more than ever. The reason for this nerdy statement is of course that Star Trek is a future perfect that our society could strive to achieve. Also because it is just good escapist fun that we so desperately need when there is so much shit around us every day.

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 614, Miles: 3.78

The Pegasus
The festivities surrounding “Captain Picard Day” have been cut short, much to the happiness of one Captain Picard, because the Enterprise has been rerouted on top secret mission. The Enterprise rendezvous with the USS Crazy Horse where they pick up Admiral Pressman the former Captain of the USS Pegasus and Riker’s first commanding officer. The Pegasus is a Federation ship that was apparently lost some 12 years prior in an explosion and only a few officers made it out alive, two of which were Pressman and Riker. Pressman reveals that the Pegasus has been found in a remote sector of space and that they are on for a race against time because the Romulans also know about the ship’s existence. There is a significant deal of mystery surrounding the ship and Riker is growing increasingly uncomfortable by his orders to remain silent about the ship and its demise. This comes to a head when Picard begins to press Riker for more information about a possible mutiny on the Pegasus prior to its destruction. The Enterprise locates the remains of the ship but it is 2 kilometers inside a gigantic asteroid and there is a Romulan Warbird patrolling the sector doing “research”, which of course is code for looking for the Pegasus. Pressman orders Picard to take the ship into the asteroid where the Pegasus is found lodged inside the rock face but not like a collision, it was as if the ship materialized inside the asteroid. Suspicions heighten further as Riker and Pressman beam over alone to the ship instead of a full survey crew. We now find out that the Pegasus was carrying a prototype cloaking device and that the crew led a mutiny against the Pressman because this action violated a Federation treaty with the Romulans. Riker lays into Pressman about how he was young and stupid and shouldn’t have helped him escape the mutiny 12 years earlier. At this time the Romulans purposely cave in the asteroid leaving the Enterprise stuck. Riker recommends that they use the cloaking device which is a mater phasing cloak which will allow the Enterprise to move through the solid asteroid surface to escape. The episode ends with Pressman in the brig along with Riker. Riker faces a potential court martial for his actions 12 years ago but Picard assures him that he will be in no real danger of losing his rank and position on the Enterprise. 


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