Sunday, October 7, 2012


I must say I am thoroughly impressed with myself today! I made the most delicious turkey pot pies today from scratch. I looked up a recipe on my phone and threw things together with just a few things needed from the store. I truly love cooking and making a good meal. I find that the more I cook the more diverse my meal plans have become. I am sure other people have this problem but I found myself in a rut of meal plans each week. Every week used to include Spaghetti, Tacos, Chicken and Veggies, Soup, Salad, or some other bland boring meal. Now I can safely add Lasagna, Enchiladas, pot pie, a number of casseroles, and other items to my list of good foods. My next cooking challenge will be to cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner this year for my parents and sister, if we decide to do that of course. I would also like to become a better baker someday so that I can further diversify my skills in the kitchen.

Elliptical Machine- Calories:629, Miles: 3.90

The Enterprise has been sent to oversee the planet Kesprytt’s inquiry to become a Federation planet. The planet though is an oddity because only part of the planet’s population wishes to join the Federation, the Kes. The Prytt on the other hand are a xenophobic race of people who wish to remain isolated from the Kes and the rest of the galaxy too for that matter. Crusher and Picard beam down to the planet but immediately after beam down the Kes contact the Enterprise wondering where the two are at. Picard and Crusher wake up in a Prytt jail cell; they are being held prisoner as spies against the Prytt government. The two have implants on their neck that are apparently going to give the Prytt truthful information. Before they can be questioned a Prytt guard gives them their tricorder back which now contains a map to escape the prison and Prytt space. Meanwhile on the Enterprise the Kes and Riker work together to find a way to rescue Picard and Crusher. The Kes offer to engage an armed rescue party but Riker wants to try something a little more diplomatic. Through his talks with both the Kes and the Prytt, Riker discovers that both sides are extremely unbalanced, paranoid. He also discovers that the Kes want to join the Federation to give them a tactical advantage against the Prytt. Meanwhile as Picard and Crusher go about their escape they learn that the implants on their necks have linked their minds together. The two can now hear everything the other one thinks and even access to memories from the past. It is revealed that they both have long held attractions to the other but that their friendship and Crusher’s dead husband have gotten in the way of them acting upon these feelings. The two work together and cross the energy shield between Kes and Prytt territories but Crusher is captured before she can cross the barrier. At this time the Prytt leader who has had a little bit of common sense talked into her beams both Crusher and Picard up to the Enterprise. The episode comes to a close with Picard and Crusher deciding that it is best not to act on these feelings they have discovered. It is a somber ending for both who could have possibly found happiness with the other. 

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