Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Eye of the Beholder

“A friend is someone who knows all about you but still loves you” –Elbert Hubbard
A true friend is worth more than anything else in the world and I must say I have been blessed with a few amazing friends. They support me and love me and more importantly I love and support them no matter what! I would do anything for them and I truly hope they know that.

Eye of the Beholder
A lieutenant on board the Enterprise has committed suicide by jumping directly into a plasma venting beam in one of the ship’s nacelles.  Worf and Troi are put in charge of investigating this apparent suicide to provide the officer’s parents a further explanation of the details surrounding the death. During the investigation Troi has telepathic visions of what has happened in the room before during its construction. The visions are quite intense but she sees people in some type of heated argument. Troi continues to have these visions but the investigation goes on. During a late night conversation Worf and Troi end up hooking up and wake up in bed the next morning in total bliss. Troi becomes slightly jealous Worf when he talks to other women though which is a bit odd. Troi’s visions contain a red headed man who worked on the Enterprise during its construction and who is now on the ship. This man turns out to be slightly empathic as well which is strange because he is simply a human. Troi goes to talk to Worf but sees him with another woman so she pulls a phaser and kills him. She then makes a B line for the same plasma reactor and tries to throw herself into it in the same way the other officer did. It turns out that something bad did happen in that reactor room 8 years ago and the red head is trying to cover it up by using his telepathic powers. Everything is returned to normal but the thing with Worf and Troi seems to be in an awkward place… did it happen or didn’t it? 

I must say this is a bit of a weak summary but this episode is very hard to distill down into a cohesive narrative. It is a good episode just hard to explain! Also this show has a very similar title to one of the Animated Series episodes "The Eye Of The Beholder" but the two stories are not related at all! It is also very evident that Marina Sirtis had collagen injections in her lips before this episode because her lips look really fucked up. She was a natural beauty before this and now looks a bit odd but still beautiful. 


  1. I always thought this was a train wreck of an episode, myself, which is why it's hard to summarise.