Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sub Rosa

I have absolutely nothing of interest has happened to me the last day. I’ve been doing work and painting the house and nothing is really too exciting. Sorry Folks!

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 600, Miles: 3.47

Sub Rosa
Dr. Crusher and the rest of the Enterprise is visiting Caldos IV where they are partaking in Crusher’s grandmother’s funeral. After the funeral Picard is invited to stay around for a few days from the colony governor who needs a little help with some technical concerns. The whole colony is one of the first terraformed colonies in the Federation and has been modeled after the Scottish Highlands. Crusher is shaken by her loss  and reacts poorly to her Grandmother’s housekeeper coming in and trying to get rid of a candle, even after he explains that it is for her good to never light the candle again. Crusher also finds her grandmother’s journals where she talks about a young man who was her lover, Ronin.  Ronin comes to Crusher and says that he is a ghost that has lived with the Howard women since the 1600’s on Earth. He seduces Crusher and he inhabits her body and soon after she retires from Starfleet to spend her life on the Caldos IV. Picard is angry about her leaving and when he beams down he finds that something is truly afoot. Ronin reveals himself and nearly kills Picard. Picard, LaForge, and Data all work to find the source of Ronin’s being and they find it in Crusher’s grandmother’s tomb. Ronin attacks all three and eventually Crusher is forced to turn a phaser on him and destroy him. It turns out the Ronin was a Non-Corporeal life form who lived off the bio energy of humans, particularly the Howard women for nearly 800 years. 

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