Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I am just going to come out with it and let the whole world know it… I have a huge crush on Chris Kluwe at the moment. That’s right the 30 year old, immensely hot, multi-talented, genius level intelligent Vikings punter. I mean the guy is attractive, plays in a band, and has become one of the biggest supporters of gay rights in the nation. It is of course too bad that the man is straight but that is OK, a simple man crush is OK now and then! I’m actually going to a Vikings game later this week which is a first and I can’t wait to see him in action.

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 520, Miles: 2.66

The Enterprise encounters a stray asteroid traipsing through a remote section of space and they of course investigate is as the crew is always want to do. Upon investigation there is a mysterious power surge that everyone ignores to start with until some strange icons and artifacts start showing up around the ship. No one is too concerned about the strange occurrences and they all assume that they have run into a space archive from a culture long since deceased. Data appears to be the most affected by this power surge and he even starts taking on different personalities and a sun icon forms on his face. Data has at least 5 distinct personalities within him that keep phasing back and forth between each other. All the characters have some relation to a character named Masaka who is a queen in that culture. The ship continues to have strange occurrences and the Archive is transforming the Enterprise into the cultures planet or something. Picard and crew decide to conjure Masaka and at that time Data appears wearing a very stylized mask. Masaka reveals that she is the queen and threatens the Enterprise with destruction. Picard and Troi have a shocking realization that Masaka is related to another character, Korgano, and that they represent the Sun and Moon. Picard wears a Korango mask and confronts Masaka. At this time everything returns to normal and things are just fine on board the Enterprise again.  It appears that this archive made the crew of the Enterprise enact some of its culture’s mythology for no good reason.

The show is very stylized and really is a visual wonder. Once again we are treated to a power house performance by Brent Spiner, who has shafted once again for some time of Emmy recognition. The man’s characterization of Data was incredible and he really deserved some major award notice for his work, sadly this never happened. Patrick Stewart was also never given any love from the award shows and he really truly deserved the attention. 

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