Saturday, October 6, 2012


Driving into work has become a major downer the last few days. The reason being that there is a house across the street from my school that has about 4 VOTE YES: Marriage One Man, One Woman signs in their yard. The fact that one house feels the need to be so public about their bigotry astounds me and reminds me that I am living the heart of conservative territory. I really try to assume the best in people and I know that there are a large number of people who don’t have signs and those who have Vote No signs but it is hard to ignore the people who feel the need to broadcast their hate. What scares me is that these people don’t really recognize that their views are those of hate because they frame it as a view of their religion. Using religion to justify hate is despicable and that is the bottom line on that topic.

This Workout happened a few days ago but I have forgotten to do the write up until this morning…whoops!
I also completed this episode after watching one hour of the presidential debates and proceeded to have an extremely intense workout!

Elliptical Machine: Miles 3.9, Calories: 670

The Enterprise has just had a new warp core installed and is completing some initial maintenance work before it is operational. At the same time Data’s dream program, which he has continued to explore, has developed into a scary new environment for him. Data has been experiencing nightmare like dreams and they are really starting to freak him out. He has been seeing images of the crew hurting each other, eating a cake shaped like Counselor Troi, a phone ringing in his chest, mine workers assaulting people, and other crazy stuff. At the same time the Enterprise’s new warp core is malfunctioning and things aren’t looking great. Data continues to have dreams but has a waking dream in which he physically attacks and stabs Counselor Troi. The stab helps to reveal that there are strange microorganisms living on the ship that are leaching the life out of the crew members and the new warp core. The crew allows Data to act out his dreams on the holodeck which leads them to think that they can cover the problem with a radiation pulse on the ship. The problem is cured and all returns to normal and in the end Data decides to ignore his dream program for a little while. 

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