Sunday, October 28, 2012


My sleep schedule is officially fucked up! For the last four nights I have had a bed time far past midnight and I’m just waiting for it to catch up with me. Today I slept for ten hours and then woke up and proceeded to fall asleep for another few hours later on today. It really makes me start to worry about what the week ahead holds for me on this limited sleep schedule.

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 616, Miles: 3.79

Reginald Barclay is once again feeling a bit ill at ease and has decided to get some help from the good Doctor. She determines that he has an inactive chromosome that is supposed to synthesis some type of antibody to a particular virus he has come down with this week. We also learn that Data’s cat is pregnant and nearing its due date and Nurse Ogawa lets it slip that she is also expecting a child. Skip to the Enterprise is testing a new weapons guidance system and there is an error with one of the torpedoes. Picard and Data go after the torpedo in a shuttle craft and leave the Enterprise, but first Data leaves his cat with Barclay. Barclay is apparently the only one onboard that Spot doesn’t hate. Riker, Worf, and Troi begin to show signs of some type of illness or at least some type of crazy ass behavior. Troi is feeling dehydrated and very cold and wants to eat a bunch of salty food and drink water. Worf is feeling aggressive and angry as hell. Riker is starting to become easily confused and can’t seem to focus. While examining Worf, Crusher notices a sac on his chin and Worf ends up spraying posion on her face. She is placed in stasis for the time being until she can be cured. Meanwhile the shuttle returns to the ship and finds it drifting in space and powerless. Once on board Data and Picard try o figure out what has happened and they start in sickbay and the bridge. The figure out that the crew has been infected with something and that they are de-evolving into primitive life forms from the planet they hail from. Troi is turning into some type of amphibian, Barclay a spider, Riker a caveman, and Worf some Klingon caveman type creature. In Data’s quarters the find his cat spot has turned into an iguana but the kittens were born normal. They determine that they can use the amniotic fluid of a humanoid to create an antibody. The find Ogawa who is now nearly a chimpanzee and extract her cells to make the anibody. At this time Worf is trying to get to Troi starts attacking the sickbay and Picard uses some pheromones to give a distraction so Data can get the job done. Picard though is becoming more and more nervous as the disease begins to affect him and he starts turning into a primate of sorts. Data gets a cure in the last few minutes and everything is put back to normal. In the end Crusher names the disease after Barclay, which only serves to make him more paranoid about life. 

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