Monday, October 15, 2012


Why is it that Asparagus does what it does to your pee? I always forget it does that until it is too late! I made a wonderful meal tonight of Jerk chicken, mashed potatoes and Asparagus. Two hours later and I was not happy with the odor.. WTF. If someone can give me the real science answer as to what causes that I would be appreciative. Of course I could just go online and find that answer out for myself but I am far too much of a social person to block out the possibility of a face-to-face pee conversation with one of my friends. It is just amazing how in this day in age we can find nearly anything at the click of a mouse or the touch of a screen. I think this limits the need to have conversations with other people at times and sadly means that the art of communication is being lost as each year goes by. And yes I just went from smelly pee to an observation about the impact of technology on the communication skills and styles of the future. Yay for being random!

Worf is on his way back from a Bat’Leth tournament on Forcas III and has been victorious but he now faces a major challenge on the Enterprise… It is his birthday and he doesn’t want everyone to make a big deal out of it! Well low and behold Riker throws him a huge surprise party but very soon Worf has a minor dizzy spell and then things start to change. At first it is minor details such as Lemon vs Chocolate cake, then it is the matter of a painting being different or hung in a different location. Soon entire people are moving from place to place and even the Enterprise itself has changed. Worf begins to pick up on the changes and seeks help from Crusher but nothing seems right. While he has a dizzy spell he shifts into an Enterprise mid fight with a Cardassian ship and he falters. Worf returns home after this embarrassing incident only to have Troi barge in on him and put the moves on him in the bedroom. She reveals that Worf and her are married with two children, neither of them Alexander. Troi and Worf start trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle and with Data’s help they determine that the problem is really LaForge’s VISOR. It seems that Worf traveled through a subspace rift and now every time he is in contact with LaForge’s VISOR it shifts him to a new dimension for some reason. The crew determines that it will explode the rift and return Worf to his own ship but a Bajoran ship attacks (because they are hostile in this universe) and causes a major catastrophe. There are now thousands of Enterprise’s in the area and they must return the correct Worf to the correct Enterprise. With a minor glitch along the way Worf is back to his Enterprise but now must confront the eminent birthday bash but it never comes. Though Counselor Troi is in his quarters but he eventually asks her to stay for dinner. There is a hint of a new possible romantic connection as the show comes to an end. 

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