Sunday, October 14, 2012


What do we want… Brains, When do we want them… Brains!  I went to a zombie pub crawl this weekend and I had a very good time I must admit. The one thing that I noticed was that some people get just a little to into the whole process for my taste in things. There were people there in so much makeup and acting like such crazies that it was just a little off putting. I do love the whole message of the event which is lets just be crazy and weird for crazy’s sake! Some of my favorite zombie get ups were: Spice Girls Zombies, Disney Princess Zombies, Super Hero Zombies, Power Rangers, Zombies and well of course my very own creation the Aberzombie. I must say too that I am pretty proud of my friend for taking a step outside of his box and dressing up for a Halloweenish event and even putting on makeup! YOU GO! In other news it is MEA week which means it is a three-day week and a four day weekend! I could not be more excited.

Elliptical Machine: Miles-3.09, Calories- 500
Weigh-in: 196... Down nearly 75 pounds now! 

The Enterprise has been dispatched to Atlrea IV to help solve a major problem on the planet. It seems that its core is starting to cool and will eventually solidify, thus destroying the planet. The Enterprise is assigned to work with two scientists on this problem, Pran Tainer and his wife Juliana Tainer. The two scientists along with LaForge and Data develop a plan that will use the ship’s phasers to drill and reheat the core material and in essence save the entire planet from destruction. The plan is agreed upon and preparations are underway at once. Juliana Tainer stops Data upon his exit from the observation lounge and seems to know a lot about his past and where he came from on Omicron Theta and the answer to this is of course that she knew Dr. Soong and was indeed his wife. Data listens to her story but at the same time wants to do his research on Juliana’s story. When it mostly checks out Data is ready to accept Juliana as his mother and wants to get to know her better. The two start to get acquainted with each other so they begin having lunches, sharing stories and in general spending time with each other. Juliana treats Data with all the joy bestowed upon her special son. While correcting an error in a phaser beam Data starts to become curious about Juliana but passes it off until later during a violin recital when she plays a song the same exact way she did during practice. Crusher finds nothing out of the ordinary about her and Data lets the issue go. There is an accident in one of the drill sites and Juliana and Data beam down to correct the problem. When Juliana is accidentally injured it is revealed that she is actually a Soong type android and Data is not surprised at all. He finds a chip in her head that is a holodeck program of Dr. Soong. The program has been designed to let people know that she is a robot and to plead for her to not be told that she is actually a android. Apparently the real Juliana died a few years after they left Omicron Theta and Soong created this android replica with all of her memories in place. Data decides to let Juliana keep her reality and even tells her that Dr. Soong must be sad that he didn’t tell her that he loved her as much.

The heart of the show is anchored by a very remarkable performance by Fionnula Flanagan. She adds a level or reality and depth to the character that another actress I don’t think would have grasped.

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