Monday, October 22, 2012

Thine Own Self

Fire and Brimstone! Today I observed in a local Christian private school and did my student observation during religion class. I am not a very religious person and really don’t recall much of what I learned in the limited amount of time my family attended church on Sundays but this was a unique experience for me. I guess I just don’t understand religion and how people live with all of those rules, truly I think I know what the answer to that question is. The answer is that very few Christians actually follow the rules of the bible and its teachings to the letter. The rest simply say that they are Christians and follow whatever small minded rules they choose to live by. The amazing thing I have always found about people in nearly any faith is that they pick and choose the rules they want to live by but some of them always seem to forget the core message of treating everyone with respect and not to judge others. Truly judging others is the work of their God correct?  Oh well I guess I just don’t understand faith and the small minded teaching that some people take from it.

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 632, Miles: 3.82

Thine Own Self
Once again we have an episode with two distinct stories that don’t really connect so I will explain them as two separate plots.

First we have Troi returning from a recent Starfleet class reunion and she meets Crusher on the bridge. Troi is surprised to find that Crusher is actually the command duty officer. Troi presses Crusher for information on why she moved to the rank of Commander when she didn’t have to. Troi approaches Riker and informs her of her desire to test for the rank of Commander. Riker will be the man in charge of her test but he warns her that he will be a tough judge of her abilities. Troi is taking an engineering test and fails it because the ship blows up and this is apparently the third time she has failed the test. Riker refuses to give her clues so she returns to her quarters to continue studying the technical schematics of the ship. Riker comes to her and informs her that he is cancelling the test because he does not think she has it in her to be a command officer. Troi is mad as hell about this and goes to the holodeck to take the test again and this time she remembers the phrase “your first duty is to the ship”. Troi realizes that solve the problem she must send an officer on a mission that will for sure mean their death. Riker ends the simulation and informs her that she has passed the test and is now a full Commander.

In the second plotline Data has been sent to a planet to retrieve some missing radioactive probe fragments that have landed on a remote planet. The inhabitants of the planet are equivalent to about 1500’s Earth. They are primitive but starting to learn the sciences. Data shows up in the village and has lost his memory of all events and is taken in by a kind family. The local doctor comes to examine him and determines he must be a member of some race of people who live in the far off mountains. Everyone starts calling him Jaden. The metal fragments are taken from their box and sold to a blacksmith. Soon after the people of the village start getting sick and Jaden is blamed for the illnesses though he knows somehow that he can’t be the cause of it all. Jaden is confronted by the local townspeople who all believe that he is responsible for the problem and they attack him. In the attack his face is damaged revealing his mechanical parts. He continues to work on a cure for the illness and finds it but when he is found putting the solution into the water supply the villagers kill him. In the end Crusher and Riker come to the town and ask a little girl about their friend. Data has been buried as a hero so he is beamed up along with the radioactive fragments. Data is restored and fully functional when the show comes to an end. 

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