Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lower Decks

MEA weekend has come and gone and it is back to work tomorrow and four words come to my mind right now… DO I HAVE TO? Love my job as I do I still wish that I could have one day more to sleep in and relax at home. This weekend has been great and the best part is that I got some painting accomplished and my house looks so much better! No I am on the hunt for art work to decorate and spruce up the house!

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 573, Miles: 3.48

Lower Decks
There are four junior officers on the Enterprise who are up for a promotion and they are nervous as hell around the senior staff. First there is Sito Jaxa, a young Bajoran security officer who you may remember from a troubling incident involving a death during a flight at the academy. Second there is Sam Lavelle, a young, suave, good looking conn officer who might just be a little to ingratiating for his own good. Next there is a Vulcan engineering officer named Taurik, who is obviously smart but may not yet know when and when not to talk and act on his ideas. Finally we have Nurse Alyssa Ogawa, a familiar face in the sickbay for the last few seasons of the show. The officers are all working towards promotions in their respective fields but Jaxa and Lavelle are working towards the same position. Lt. Worf locates an escape pod in Cardassian space and it is brought on board but before Crusher lets her help she informs Ogawa that she must keep everything confidential. Soon after LaForge and Taurik are firing phasers at a shuttlecraft in the shuttlebay. Taurik finds it very odd and points out that it looks like they are marking the ship to appear as if it were in a fight. LaForge makes up a flimsy excuse about hull integrity. Picard calls Jaxa to his office and basically gives her a huge talking down and makes her feel like shit because of what happened at the academy. Meanwhile the rest of the senior staff are having a poker game to discuss everyone and the junior officers are playing poker to gossip about their evaluations. Worf asks Jaxa to stay after a Klingon yoga class and puts her through a stupid ritual that she figures out was to just get her to confront someone when she feels mistreated. Jaxa gets the courage to talk to Picard who is impressed with her and offers her a very secret and important mission. Jaxa is asked to participate in a mission to return a Cardassian spy to Cardassian space. The mission is underway and then Jaxa does not show up at the pickup site. The Enterprise intercepts a transmission detailing a Bajoran prisoner escaping from a shuttle and the escape pod being destroyed. Both the senior and junior staffs are devastated but the junior staff is promoted though they feel just a little down about it all. In the end Worf joins the junior officers to help discuss and commemorate Jaxa’s life. 

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