Monday, February 1, 2016

Voyager starts the trek home!

Today I looked at the scale and I was anything but happy! I got down on myself frequently throughout the day and in my head all of my clothes fit like they were about two sizes too small. Through all of this mental self hate and down talk what did I do more than other days you ask... well it is simple. I ate. A handful of Chex Mix here, a piece of chocolate there and a few airheads. This of course left me feeling like an airhead. I've always had a love/hate with food and today was just another battle in the struggle of my life.

I turned it around through a good workout consisting of the bike, the elliptical and weight training! Yes folks I've decided that I need to start lifting to support my life and to help strengthen my knees.

woo hoo!

Parallax- The ship is caught in an event horizon and things get confusing but on the upside Torres and Janeway bond!

Time and Again- The crew stumble upon a major catastrophe that destroyed an entire planet and now they work tirelessly to stop it as they have found themselves transported back in time three days.

Phage- While trying to find dilithium Neelix is attacked and his lungs have been removed. The crew has its first encounter with the Vidiians who are infected with the Phage.

The Cloud- The ship heads into a cloud that they feel is a nebula but it turns out to be a living environment that must now be repaired.

Eye of the Needle- Kim discovers a wormhole and the crew gets excited. Eventually they figure out how to transport along the wormhole but sadly the wormhole leads to a time 20 years in the pass.

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