Monday, February 22, 2016

Heroes and Demons

One thing that I hate at the gym is when I am on the bike and about 10 minutes in... for lack of a better word my "undercarriage" goes numb. I am then stuck with numb bits and a whole heck of a lot of time left on the bike. I then think to myself "this can't be healthy for me boys, why am I doing this?"

Apart from my junk going numb it was a great day at the gym today! I have been on a kick of weight lifting at the gym to help my knees gain some strength. I hope it is working because I get to run very soon and I couldn't be more happy. I am also happy because I have been paired up with a running buddy through a program called I Run 4 Michael which pairs a runner with a child who has disabilities as a social connection. I've been paired since December but now I actually get to start running for her and I can't wait to get a T-Shirt and other swag to show off at the races.

Today: Lifting (Legs), Bike and Swim

Heroes and Demons- Voyager meets Beowulf and it sucks! Nothing further is needed!

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