Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ex Post Facto

Happy Snow Storm Minnesota! It is coming down pretty hard out there and the wind is blowing like none other. I love these storms especially when I get to hang out in the house and I don't have to drive. I do love the winter and it is so strange that when the winter is rough I hate winter but when we are having a mild winter I long for snow storms.

Day 2 of lifting- upper body focus today

1/2 hour on the Bike

15 minutes on the elliptical

I am feeling fat and unhappy with my body right now. I know it is a number on the scale and I am letting it take too much of my thought but I can't help it.


Ex Post Facto- Tom Paris is accused and tried for murder so Janeway and Tuvok investigate and it turns out that he was set up to be used as a spy between two governments. AKA this is the one with the crazy stupid feather/bird head folks.

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