Sunday, January 31, 2016

HELLO Voyager

The Star Trek Voyager pilot aired 21 year ago this year and I can remember watching it as a young kid at my parent's house. When I watched it back then I found the show to be interesting but I never fully caught on to it. It also came out about the time that I started waining in my Star Trek fandom.

Today I started watching the Star Trek Voyager series as part of the workout plan and per usual I took the time to simply watch the pilot and enjoy it fully. The pilot was interesting and brought about the introduction of a whole new crew of officers. The show somewhat suffered from the same trappings the DS9 premiere  had, it was at times too "etherial or heady" none of the 24th century star treks had great premieres but they were interesting enough and kept the show going.

What worked well:

The Maquis/Starfleet tension that was set up in this episode was a great idea because it was a great source of adding some tension which would only naturally happen as a group moves home.

The Prime Directive as a way to keep the crew from turning into a group of savages on a mission home is great. It also is another way to set up tensions.

The Kazon were a great enemy that may look a bit too much Klingons but they are a great villian to have set up for the first few seasons.

Janeway... She is a female captain and a badass. She's a bit icy but she has quite the heart too.

The trap that sent the crew into the Delta Quadrant was great!

What didn't work:

The caretaker story line was a bit too out there and the "southern towns folk" were not great either but it got them going.

The full reasoning of the choice for Chakotay as the first officer.

The way that voyager looks in certain shots doesn't quite look great but it is an interesting looking ship overall. It grows on you as well.

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