Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Season 7 DS9 Begins

This week has finally settled down because I am now finally about to get a car after my crash a week and a half ago. What an ordeal. I have learned this from the accident and I want you all to know it:

In the past I have made the mistake of distracted driving be that texting, looking at facebook, talking with a friend or singing to a jam on the radio. I promised myself a few months ago that I would stop that and I have been doing much better but have had a slip up now and then. I learned a lesson about distracted driving from the teenager who hit my car who was a distracted driver. Because of her mistake my car is totaled and she probably got into a lot of trouble. The best part of this story is that we both walked away alive. I have said to my mother since it happened, "cars are replaceable, I am not".  Please people do not drive distracted. IT CAN WAIT.

Over the past few days:
Valiant- crazy cadets take over a ship and go on a rampage.

Profit and Lace- Quark plays a lady to make a business deal happen.

Time's Orphan- Molly O'Brien falls into a time trap and comes out as "Nell"

The Sound of her Voice- The crew attempts to save a woman who helps them sort through their shit as she dies.

Tears of the Prophets- Big fights, the profits go away, Dax dies.

Image in the Sand- Sisko sees a face, Shit is rough on DS9

Shadows and Symbols- Sisko finds an orb and not much makes sense, Meanwhile the Romulans are being tricky.

Afterimage- The new Dax tries to make her place on DS9-- This should have been done differently.

Take Me Out To The Holosuite- The crew takes on some Vulcans in a game of baseball.

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