Sunday, January 31, 2016

What You Leave Behind... Farewell DS9

40 degrees in January is a crazy experience for the simple fact that 40 degrees in September, October or May would feel like a frozen hell! In January though I was outside in a hoodie and no hat running around throwing snowballs for the hound. What a great damn day!

It was another great weekend with my love, Chris. As much as I love my weekends with him I am ready to trade them in for weeks, days, months, years right now. I hate Sunday afternoon because that is when he has to pack up and head home. I never thought I would be in a "long distance" relationship but here I am and we are making it work. 4 months strong and things continue to get better and we get closer but the distance sucks at the moment. It is only 120 miles so I don't know how people do it who are farther away. So for the time being I need to be content in my weekends and simply deal with my miserable Sunday afternoons.

The last 8 episodes of Deep Space Nine:
The war comes to a head and the hold for power continues to shake things up. In the end Sisko disappears, probably never to return. O'Brien takes a position at Starfleet Academy. Worf is the new ambassador to the Klingon Empire. Odo leaves to take his place among the Great Link. It leaves Bashir, Kira, Jake, Quark and Ezri on the station.

Till Death Do Us Part
Strange Bedfellows
The Changing Face of Evil
When It Rains...
Tacking Into The Wind
Extreme Measures
The Dogs of War
What You Leave Behind

Overall DS9 was an interesting series that overall I enjoyed very much. It was a darker and more imperfect take on the Star Trek universe, which coming off of the Next Generation was a bit of a breath of fresh air. The first two seasons of the show were interesting but lacked a focus. Come the third season when the Dominion began to be talked about the show started to gain focus and by the fifth season it was clear that this was a war saga and serialized soap opera show. The focus of the show was great for the most part once the War was brought up. At it's heart though the show did best when it focused on the characters and their conflicts.

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