Monday, January 11, 2016

The Reckoning

I've been cleansed, drugged, probed and given a clean bill of colon health! What an odd experience that was, I basically spent 20 minutes as a doctor prodded my bum with a long tube and since there was a doctor intern in the room there were about 4 other people in the room watching. I feel fewer people watched Katie Couric get a colonoscopy on national TV than watched my procedure today. The odd this is that the doctor wanted to make some polite conversation much in the same way a hairstylist or dentist makes conversation. The only thing wrong here is that conversation was being had as my naked butt is being examined and that is not really my wheelhouse conversation time. I'm sure I was polite and sweet and a stunning/witty conversationalist but who knows. A clean bill of health was worth the time and pain spent.

Still waiting to hear more information on my car :(

No working out today but I'll be at the gym tomorrow!

The Reckoning
Sisko is called to look at an ancient bajoran artifact and all hell breaks loose when the Pah Wraiths are released. Religion is the key theme here and the end of the world/universe!

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