Tuesday, January 5, 2016

4 Episode Binge Watching!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Another great workout today in the gym but I sadly forgot my towel so I couldn’t go for a swim. But I put 13 miles on the bike.

Really I have nothing to interesting to say today so this is a short post.

200 Pounds today. Down One pound so I will take that!

Empok Nor- “DS9 is an old junk heap so let’s go salvage from a similar station” but shit gets weird.

In The Cards- Jake and Nog want to get Sisko a baseball card and that takes most of the time but the big story takes up about 5 minutes. Bad Episode.

Call To Arms- War is coming, let's put up a mine field and hope for the best. In the end they leave the station to the Dominion.

A Time To Stand- The war isn’t going well and the Federation is a bit desperate.

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