Monday, January 11, 2016

Boldly Prepping For...

This weekend I didn't workout at all but I've still managed to lose weight! How did I do it you ask? What's my secret? Should I try it? Well here is my secret... 

I am undergoing a colonoscopy today and I've been on a clear liquid only diet since Saturday at 6am. On top of that I've been given a very robust course of laxatives to take this weekend.. WOO HOO. So by that you all know what my weekend has consisted of, I've been on the couch and on the throne. 

It has not been a great weekend for me between this prepping stuff and I got rear-ended on Saturday. At the moment my car is in the shop and he's not looking to great. The blessing in the whole thing is that I am alive and I am healthy and neither driver was injured. 

Thoughts on Deep Space Nine season 6:

The war has finally gotten started and it was pretty great at first but the momentum of the show is so up and down. DS9 has always been entertaining but not consistent in its purpose, story, or pacing. Amidst a war going on we are left with business as usual episodes or funny character episodes but very few actual episodes about battles and war. We are left with scheming behind the war but no the war. I do enjoy DS9 don't get me wrong but it maybe should have eded at season six and ended on one intense focused last season instead of two seasons that kind meander too much. 

I've watched too many to keep track of so here is a list:

Rocks and Shoals
Sons and Daughters
Behind the Lines
Favor the Bold
Sacrifice of Angels
You are Cordially Invited…
Statistical Probabilities
The Magnificent Ferengi
Who Mourns for Morn?
Far Beyond the Stars
One Little Ship
Honor Among Thieves
Change of Heart
Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night
In the Pale Moonlight

His Way 

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